Welcome new coworkers from all over the world to our Lambrate Coworking Community :-)

Lambrate Coworking CommunityLately, it is not uncommon that you step in our Cowo® space in via Ventura 3 Milano, and hear someone speaking a foreign language.

We’ve always had our fair share of people from all over the world, in these past years, but this summer there seems to be a group on international coworkers heading to our space…

So we’re happy to welcome in our Coworking Community in Lambrate: Judy from Australia, Leonid from Russia and Santiago from Colombia!

And above all, if you happen to hear some northern european lingo from the mezzanine, you’ll know it’s Paola, who speak fluent Danish during her internationalCoworking Community Coffeeconference calls!

Wow, is this Babel Coworking?

Never mind, we enjoy all languages, because Coworking is such an easy concept that there’s no need of much words to get along…

And Italian coffee is something everyone understands and appreciates!

And on the bureaucracy side, it’s just too good to have those Coworking Usage Contracts in English!