Coworking evangelist Tony Bacigalupo from New York to Lambrate.

It’s been a great pleasure to share our desks with Tony Bacigalupo – the New Work City mayor – yesterday in our coworking space.

Tony is in Milano, together with his partner Amy Segreti, to join the Coworking Europe Conference, and was so nice to stop by at our Cowo® space to say hi and finally meet in person our founder Massimo Carraro: the two have been following each other online over the years, but never had the chance to meet.

The community of our space gave a warm welcome to Tony and Amy, who enjoyed a thick slice of pizza at nearby La Cappelletta, Lambrate historic pizzeria, together with about 10 of us.

Tony’s visit followed his father’s, who came in via Ventura in 2008 to explore our then newly openedUn libro sul co-working space… and it was a real treat to take a picture in
the same exact position with Tony as we did with his dad, 7 years ago!

Bacigalupo is known for his
contribution to the coworking movement, and his last effort is the ebook “no more sink full of mugs”.

He’s also the author of the first book ever written on coworkingI’m outta here” (2009) that featured a page dedicated to Cowo®.

Tony is currently at work for Open Coworking while doing consulting work on a global scale as well.

Tony Bacigalupo from New York to Lambrate